TM100 Description

The TM100 is a fully integrated programmable thermal management unit that monitors, controls, and corrects analog circuitry across a wide temperature range. The TM100 is primarily intended for TCXO applications and includes a temperature sensor, internal Pierce oscillator & output stage and data converters combined with a microcontroller (MCU) and memory structures to run temperature correction programs. The integrated Pierce oscillator and output stage are designed to be flexible with a variety of oscillator and crystal configurations. The TM100 includes many programmable functionality options, and a software package makes it easy to configure and implement customizable crystal correction algorithms. It communicates via an I2C interface and is available in a 3mm x 3mm package or as die.

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Block Diagram



  • Low phase noise oscillator
  • High accuracy temperature sensor
  • Customizable correction algorithms
    • Selectable polynomial order curve-fit
    • Lookup Table
    • <25 ppb frequency stability
  • Simple software configuration
  • Defined manufacturing flow


  • TCXO Modules



TM100 Evaluation Board Kit – EB-TMx00

TCXO Application

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Order Numbers

Order NumberPackageQuantity / FormRoHSMSL RatingLeadframe
TM100-T120L STSLP QFN123 / TubeYes1NiPdAu
TM100-R120L STSLP QFN1000 / 7" ReelYes1NiPdAu