Clock Generators

Hexius Semiconductor’s clock generators produce one or more clock signals in a number of different output types and frequencies. Compatible with fundamental or 3OT crystals of various cuts, our clock generators provide a flexible platform for generating, copying, and distributing ultra-low phase noise output clocks for a wide range of applications and operate in an extended temperature range of -55°C to 125°C.

The CG100 Series of clock generators are a low cost, pure analog architecture that couples with a variety of crystal resonator options to produce a low-jitter signal as either a signal-ended or differential output. Available as die or in a compact 2mm x 2mm QFN package.

The CG200 Series of clock generators can produce different output frequencies from a single input frequency using PLL, harmonic generator, and divider pathways. Highly programmable through an I2C interface, these clock generators provide up to 4 outputs that can be configured to operate at different frequencies, different output types, and/or in a quadrature phase shift mode. Available as die,  3mm x 3mm or 4mm x 4mm packages.


CG Series Product Overview

CG Series Application Guide

XO & VCXO Reference Designs

PLL & Analog Multiplication Reference Designs



Part Number# of Outputs (Pairs)Input Freq Range (MHz)Max Output Freq (MHz)Output TypeInternal Varicap (pF)Frequency SynthesizerHarmonic GeneratorControl Interface
CG11115 - 200200CMOS9 - 34NoNoExternal Pins
CG12115 - 2001000LVPECL9 - 34NoNoExternal Pins
CG13115 - 2001000LVDS9 - 34NoNoExternal Pins
CG20115 - 2001000CMOS, LVPECL, LVDS, HSCL, CMLn/aInteger-NTwo-PortI2C
CG20445 - 2001000CMOS, LVPECL, LVDS, HSCL, CMLn/aInteger-NTwo-PortI2C