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Reference IP

Hexius Semiconductor’s portfolio of analog references provide accurate and reliable voltages and currents for a range of applications and operating environments. Variants within the product families support different application needs. We can additionally customize a particular architecture to meet your design requirements.

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Product Family Foundry Process Node  Function  Supply Voltage Area
HX11BA ON Semiconductor 0.18um CMOS Bandgap 3.3V 0.036mm2
HX11BB  ON Semiconductor  0.18um CMOS Zero Temp Coeff Current Ref 3.3V 0.012mm2
HX11BC ON Semiconductor 0.18um CMOS Precision Bandgap 3.3V 0.372mm2
HX11RA ON Semiconductor 0.18um CMOS Internal Voltage Regulator 3.3V 0.035mm2
HX11RB  ON Semiconductor 0.18um CMOS External Voltage Reference 3.3V 0.053mm2