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The HX11DA is a 12-bit digital to analog converter that can accept input frequency bandwidth of 100kHz. Suitable in environments up to 125°C, the DAC is optimized to provide high accuracy conversion of low bandwidth digital signals into the analog domain. Includes an output buffer capable to driving loads up to 100pF.

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  • • 12-bits accuracy: ± 0.6 LSB maximum DNL
  • • Guaranteed monotonicity
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  • • Output Range of 0.3V to VREF
  • • Input Bandwidth: 100kHz
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  • • 3.3V analog supply, 1.8V digital supply
  • • Extended Temp Range: -40°C to 125°C
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  • • Calibration & tuning functions
  • • Control Loops
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Macro Cells

Order NumberPackageQuantity / FormRoHSMSL RatingLeadframe
TM100-T120L STSLP QFN123 / TubeYes1NiPdAu
TM100-R120L STSLP QFN1000 / 7" ReelYes1NiPdAu