TM200 Description

The TM200 is a fully integrated programmable thermal management unit that monitors, controls, and corrects analog circuitry across a wide temperature range. The TM200 is primarily intended for OCXO applications and includes a temperature sensor, internal Pierce oscillator & output stage, thermal controller, internal heater and data converters in conjunction with a microcontroller (MCU) and memory structures. The TM200 controls and regulates the temperature environment of small enclosures by executing temperature stability and correction programs. The integrated Pierce oscillator and output stage are designed to be flexible with a variety of oscillator and crystal configurations. The IC includes many programmable functionality options and has an accompanying software package that configures the IC for the desired thermal characteristics. It communicates via an I2C interface and is available in an 3mm x 3mm package or as die.

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  • Low phase noise oscillator
  • Low Allan deviation for high stability clocks
  • High accuracy temperature sensor
  • Controls internal (1W) or external heaters
  • Accepts external thermistor elements


  • OCXO Modules
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Environmental Control Systems
  • Precision Measurement


Datasheet Brief

  TM200 Datasheet

  TMx00 Correction Algorithm Development

  TMx00 Programming Reference Manual

TMx00 Evaluation Kit

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Order Numbers

Order NumberPackageQuantity / FormRoHSMSL RatingLeadframe
TM200-T120L STSLP QFN123 / TubeYes1NiPdAu
TM200-R120L STSLP QFN1000 / 7" ReelYes1NiPdAu