The TM1100 is a fully integrated programmable thermal management unit that is capable of monitoring and maintaining a constant thermal environment of a small enclosure. It incorporates a temperature sensor, temperature controller, 12-bit ADC, and non-volatile memory on a single chip.  The TM1100 is controlled via an I2C interface and is housed in a 3mm x 3mm package.

Recommended for new designs

Block Diagram

  • • Absolute temp sensing accuracy to ±1°C
  • • Temperature control accuracy to < ±1°C
  • • Low Allan Deviation for high stability clocks
  • • 12-bit ADC with 2 external channel inputs
  • • Optional control of external heater elements
  • • 3.3V analog supply
  • • Extended Temp Range: -40°C to 125°C
  • • Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators
  • • Thermal Protection/Management
  • • Environmental Control Systems
  • • Precision Measurement

Order Numbers

Part NumberPinsDimensionsTypeReel Quantity
TM1100LR1163mm x 3mmQFN1000